About Us

AStoreThatPays.com has been in operation since the launch of Amway in September of 2010 and offers the very best services in Jamaica for Amway IBOs. Currently servicing many Amway IBO's in Jamaica we offer some of the following benefits:

•Access to on-island inventory and warehouse facilities
•No need for credit cards or stocking your own products
•Some of the lowest prices for Amway products on island
•All facilities/websites in Jamaican Dollars
•All shipping, import, duties and taxes included
•Complete line of Amway products including ribbon items.
•42 Partner Stores built in! Best Buy, Sears, Kamart etc.
•New IBO Registration built in.
•Products delivered right to your door or pickup point
•Pay thru NCB, Paymaster or directly from your bank account.
•Complete mobile business solution. Order/Pay by phone.
•No internet on your phone? Use Text messaging!

We take care of all the details around getting products, so you can focus on whats important - building your business.

Email us @ support@astorethatpays.com